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Senior Care

Senior Care is a full body manikin model, designed to teach basic to advanced nursing patient treatment skills, including noninvasive blood pressure measurement and auscultation and identification of normal and abnormal heart sounds, breath sounds, bowel sounds and gynecological sound, optional breast check, mastectomy and uterine fundus examination evaluation of training modules make this model can provide more training in.
Product Features:

Ears, eyes, nose, and mouth care
Oropharyngeal and nasopharyngeal AIRWAY insertion and attract
Endotracheal tube is inserted, a fixed position and care
Tracheostomy care and tracheal attract
Nasogastric tube insertion, care, medication use and removal, including gastric lavage and tube feeding
Manually generated carotid pulse
Multi intravenous arm with replaceable skin and veins of the hand tube
A bottom atrophy of the abdominal colostomy
It can be used for cleaning and ostomy care
Interchangeable female and male genital, catheterization and enema simulation training

Optional Accessories, including breast examination, breast surgery and uterine fundus examination and evaluation of training modules for Women suit wound care assessment, increased training cases verisimilitude.


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