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Medical Penlight

Medical flashlight lighting tool is a mobile medical staff in order to meet the needs of local lighting in medical work and design, as a common medical surgical equipment, medical flashlight is widely used in visual examination, oral examination, throat and other places to check. Medical flashlight can reduce the number of erroneous operation caused by the medical staff at the naked eye, reducing visual fatigue health care, improve work efficiency.
It is usually easy to carry as a working tool to use is also good for all occasions. Portability itself will have relatively large requirements, generally smaller weight and small size, very portable torch design, the average person carrying requirement is certainly . obtained can be used to meet the lighting, it can also be used to identify when the rescue in the dark environment, it can be used lighting; also can make people faint pupil reaction.
Precautions:First, do not direct the eye, so as to avoid injury!Second, please do not put the battery (lithium battery) is exhausted completely, use process if brightness dimmed significantly to the timely replacement of the battery (rechargeable), otherwise easily lead to battery leakage and other problems due to the flashlight scrapped. Third, a long time without a flashlight, please take out the battery placement.

Medical Penlight

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