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Digital Thermometer Introduction

Digital Thermometer (digital thermometer) can accurately determine and measure temperature, digital display, rather than a pointer or mercury displayed. So called digital thermometer or digital thermometer.
Digital thermometer imported high-precision, low drift, low-power integrated circuits and wide temperature type LCD display, built-in high-energy batteries ≥ 5 years of continuous work without laying power cables is a high accuracy, good stability, applicability pole strong new site temperature display instrument. Is the traditional scene pointer over bimetallic thermometer alternative products, widely used in various industrial and mining enterprises, universities, research institutes.

Number of temperature in our daily life and production in real-time exposure to the physical, but it can not see, only feel alone feel about the temperature, although the traditional pointer thermometer can indicate temperature, but low accuracy, is not convenient enough to use, not intuitive display, digital thermometer appear can make people intuitively understand they want to know is how many degrees the temperature in the end.


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